Jiangsu WEMC Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing of EMC and information safeguard products.

Jiangsu WEMC Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was founded on 9th. March 2010 and is located in the Tianmu Lake Industrial Park of LiYang within the Yangtse Delta in the south of Jiangsu province enables its convenient communication and transportation. Its strong core competences in EMC R&D, design and production benefit its customers with various available EMI power line and signal filters with frequency range from 10KHz to 40GHz, insertion loss over 100dB, maximum operating current of 5000A and maximum voltage of 25kVAC.

With the fast development of today's world, more electrical energy is being generated at increasing levels of power, and more and more low power energy is being used for the transmission and processing of data. The result is caused increasing noise or interference, which can disrupt and even destroy your electronic devices. This made the power line interference filter becoming more and more popular and important ever than before. It has been widely used in fields of information safeguard, EMC testing, aerospace & aviation, industry control, measuring system, medical instrument, military application and power driving system etc. where EMI exists and matters.

Attracted by its vision of world class enterprise with state of art product and service, with quality policy of better and fully hearted as well as its values of broad, trust, team spirit, quality and innovation bearing in mind, a fully committed talent team is ready to serve.


  • 2010 A.D.
  • $10 Million
  • 300000 Pcs
  • 2800 App.
    Succssful EMC projects
  • 3200 Types
    Customized products
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